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BlackCat Wrestling Inc. is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization founded with the purpose of providing opportunities and mentorship to the youth of Greenlee County through the sport of wrestling.  We firmly believe that the same attributes that make a successful wrestler (work ethic, accountability, confidence, and humility) are those that make a successful human being.  We believe that everyone can benefit from the sport of wrestling and are open to boys and girls of any race, religion, or background.  We will seek to provide opportunities for personal growth and positive mentorship by working with the youth in our community.  We have programs for several different age groups ranging from 4-18.  Last year we had over 120 members!  All of our coaches and employees work on a 100% volunteer basis, nobody on our staff makes a dime from this program.  All registration fees or sales are put back into the program to provide for travel, competition, clinics or camps for our athletes.

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Building Champions on and off the mat!

Blackcat was started 8 years ago to provide the youth of Greenlee County with a positive activity to do after school.  Since that time we have grown tremendously in both our numbers and the scope of our mission.  Since it's inception BlackCat has had a whopping 11 wrestlers sign college wrestling scholarships allowing them to use wrestling to help pursue their education.  We have grown to over 120 members ages 4-18, and last season we hosted over 500 matches in our 3 youth tournaments that we sponsored here in Morenci.  We have taken numerous individuals to compete around the county from Virginia Beach, to Jacksonville Florida attending elite national tournaments that expose our athletes to a higher level of competition and allow them to catch the eye of college recruiters.  The club as also allowed us to take wrestlers all over for camps and clinics to further develop their skills.  

Perhaps more importantly, we have developed positive relationsihps with hundreds of young men and women and (hopefully) provided them with a positive experience in the sport of wrestling.   We try to end every session talking about character how the qualities that help make a solid wrestler are the same qualities that make a solid human being.  

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